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The Prince of Peas

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This illustrated children's book is a play on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea'. The story centres on Princess Antoinette's quest to marry. Her journey for romance starts in the centre of France where she meets several suitors. However, each potential husband must pass her mother’s “pea test”, whereby Queen Louise hides a pea under their mattress in an attempt to identify the true Prince of Peas.

Will Queen Louise help Princess Antoinette find her true Prince of Peas?

Sylvie Chausse is a highly acclaimed and respected children's author in France. Michael Sedunary has beautifull adapted the English version, retaining the rhyming narrative and whimsical story line. Anne Letuffe's lush illustrations are dotted with peas, drawings, collages, photos and maps. Letuffe beautifully illustrates this delightful story that reveals new details on each reading.


Review of The Prince of Peas

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"A superb twist on Hans Christian Andersen's The Princess and the Pea, this has a royal rabbit looking for her prince. But just when she dares to hope for true happiness, her potential prince fails the pea test. As clever as the rhyming story is, it's the stunning collage illustrations that make this book special. Anne Letuffe creates a delightfully detailed and whimsical world."
- The Age 22 Nov 2009

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