Shortlisted - Bologna Prize 2016

The Fantasic Recipe Machine

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We’ve long been told that little girls are made of sugar, spice and all things nice…but who knew what the surprising and secret recipes were for a giraffe?  Or a lion? 

The Fantastic Recipe Machine by Chihiro Takeuchi is the second children’s picture book collaboration with Berbay Publishing. Using her detailed award-winning paper cut artwork, Chihiro Takeuchi creates an imaginative world of endless possibilities, where weird and wonderful combinations of everyday ingredients combine to form recipes for all sorts of animals.


In today’s age of omnipresent technology; where the origins of everyday things are unknown; where even the ingredients of food or shampoo can be intimidating, The Fantastic Recipe Machine’s whimsical and creative ideas makes the world a little less frightening, whilst reminding children that with imagination, anything is possible.


Young and old readers like will never look at animals the same way again!

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