Shortlisted - Bologna Prize 2016

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Chihiro Takeuchi

Chihiro Takeuchi is a renowned paper cut artist living in Osaka, Japan. In 2015 and 2016 Chihiro was part of a select group of artists to exhibit at the prestigious Bologna Book Fair. She has produced several books and Can you find my robot's arm? is her first dedicated children's book in English.


Celine Dupont

Celine Dupont was born in Angouleme, France in 1970 and spent her childhood in the countryside of the Charente area. In 1993, she graduated fromthe School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux.

In 2001, she moved to Brussels and worked for Casterman publishing house who specialise in comic books and children's literature. Dupont was shortly inspired to create her first book "Bake Babushka". She now lives in Paris. 


This picture shows Finzo's grand-grand uncle, Stanislas Martin, during the award ceremony of the whiskers contest organized by the Friendly Hunting Shacks Decorator Elders, in Cruese (a small deserted French area), in the year 1894. Unfortantely, his moustache was fake and Stanislas was shot at dawn. Probably to avenge his forefater, Finzo became an author andi illustrator.

John Dickson

John Dickson is a graphic designer and a copywriter by trade, a painter and poet by inclination and the lead singer of the Rolling Stones in his own mind. Always has been.


Michael Sedunary

Michael is an experienced and successful author who shares his time between Melbourne and country Victoria. Over the past 30 years, Michael has written extensively for children on subjects ranging from Languages Other Than English to AFL football. While his overarching motivation has be educational, story telling has always been central to whatever he writes.

Rose Giannone

Rose's greatest desire is to be a racantour in the grand tradition - listening to stories and the oral recounting of story telling both invented and told. What's Your Story? is her first foray and adventure into children's writing.


Anne Letuffe

23 keywords to know about Anne Letuffe:
Three, Fish, 1973, March, Angoulême (Charente, France), Chocolate, Sun, Tree, Yellow, Brothers, Leaves, Waves,   Quill, Indian Ink, Paper, Glue, Buttons, Pictures, Movies, Wine, Toulouse, Bicycle

Bern Emmerichs

Bern Emmerichs is a highly celebrated artist in Australia. Her works are in the Australian National Gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria and collections all around the world.

Bern Emmerichs is renowned for her work which explores historical narratives of Australia's First Settlement.




Kris  Di Giacomo

Kris Di Giacomo is a popular children's book illustrator who has lived in France and has illustrated  several children's picture books most of her life. After living in the United States for a while, she move to France, where teaching English to young children and discovering French picture books were the triggers that led her into illustration.

Anne Lemonnier

Anne Lemonnier is a former publisher, and worked for seven years at Éditions du Centre Pompidou. In 2007, she was appointed to be preservation attaché at the Mnam graphic design department (National Museum of Modern Art, Centre Pompidou).


Sylvie Chausse

Sylvie Chausse was born in 1953. As a child she was convinced she was born in a book. She loved writing and reading and dedicated much of her time to these activities. Later on in life Sylvie Chausse become a teacher.  A mother of two children, Sylvie decided to write stories that she would have loved to have read as a child.

Teresa Lima

With a degree in painting from the Lisbon School of Fine Arts, Teresa Lima started to focus on illustrating children’s books in 1994. She quickly made a name for herself, and with her recreation Alice in Wonderland, she won the 3rd prize of the National Illustration Prize (1998).

In 2006, Lima again won the National Illustration Prize, this time with another classic, Rudyard Kiplings’ Histórias de Animais (Just So Stories). With this work she was chosen to participate in the 2007 international illustrators’ exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, where in 2008 her work was shown again. She currently combines illustration with teaching visual arts at the Escola Vergilio Ferreira in Lisbon.





Michael Escoffier

Michaël Escoffier was born in France in 1970. Raised by a family of triceratops, he discovered his passion for writing and telling stories at a young age.  He lives in Lyon, France, with his wife and two children. Michael is the author of several successful children's picture books.