Shortlisted - Bologna Prize 2016

3 Little Culottes

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This illustrated children's book is a unique variation of the classic children's fairy tale of the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. 

Sisters Lucette, Paulette and Marie-Antoinette are three strong-spirited little piglets. One night their culottes are stolen so they go in search of the thief.

Will the three little pigs find their culottes?  And in doing so, will they find the thief?

Written by Silvia Chausse, author and well respected of several other children's books, she uses rhyme to narrate the story. Illustrated by Anne Letuffe, she creates a beautiful collage of illustrations using materials such as fabric, wool, fruit, plants, stones and utensils of every day life.  This story as been faithfully adapted into English by Joanne Horsburgh and Michael Sedunary, successfully maintaining the story's offbeat spirit an retaining the medium of rhyme.


Review of 3 Little Culottes

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"Already a favourite in France, this English edition about three pigs – Lucette, Paulette and Maria-Antoinette – who lose their bloomers is tres adorable. Forget the standard Three Little Pigs version, this is much more entertaining as each tiny porker goes wee wee wee all over the French countryside in search of their not-so-small smalls. Told in rhyming verse (“Early next morning – and this is quite weird, their precious culottes have all disappeared!”), the language is playful and inventive while Anne Letuffe’s collage paint and fabric  illustrations add a rich second layer to the story. A delightful read for twos and up".
-The Age 29 November 2009

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